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Great service .We came into town from Chichen Itza and I was feeling ill so we asked the hotel for a doctor and they recommended Dr. Diaz .The hotel gave us a map and we got lost so we phoned Dr.Diaz who came outside to find us.Very clean and professional office. Thank you again Dr Diaz. for the care and for making me feel better while I was on vacation
Jovita Yim
My wife and I live in Playa del Carmen, and when we moved here and began searching for a doctor several people suggested Dr. Bernardo. I have seen him on two occasions, and he is very easy-going, friendly, efficient and clearly a talented doctor who will go above and beyond for his patients. I would not hesitate to recommend him to visitors or residents in Playa.
Dave Steelman
My son became ill on holiday and after being dismissed by the hotel doctor dr Bernardo was recommended. He was fabulous, thoroughly checked my son over. Administered antibiotics and a course of treatment, my son was much better within 12 hours. Can't thank you enough for saving our holiday and making my little boy better. Massive thanks!!!
Lucy Madgwick
Dr. Bernardo Diaz saved the day by making a house a call in the middle of the night. Without going into the gorey details, i can just say he handled my medical issues with caring professionalism and his good sense of humour helped me a great deal. He and his doctor associate followed up with me the following days to make sure that everything improved. I highly recommend Dr. Diaz and his clinic.
Chaouky Kaboul
Dr. Bernardo Diaz was professional and knowledgeable of my illness. After prescribing the necessary medicine, he contacted me later in the day and made another house call the next day. He arrived at both visits in the time he told me he would (less then an hour). I would recommend him to treat all age groups!
Dottie Berube
He is our Man! Thanks for everything you've done for us and our family when they visited . You make our travels feel secure. Really... :)
Dawn Graves Snear
Dr. Diaz and his wife were incredibly helpful when dealing with illness on a recent vacation in Mexico - they made a "house call" within 20 minutes - knowledgeable and efficient - thank you!
Marlene Lafee-Wanner <
Salvo mis vacaciones excelente servicio y súper acertado muchas gracias :) saludos de Monterrey
Iliana Rodríguez